Monday, April 9, 2012

Poetry Performance Practices

As we plan activities that prepare young people to perform poems in front of an audience—even an informal audience of peers—here are guidelines based on the work of Nile Stanley that can be very helpful in establishing comfortable parameters for all.
The list begins:
Children should experience poetry of all kinds on a daily basis. Include rhymed and free verse, serious poems, and silly slapstick to help make poetic language both familiar and provocative.
Choose simple, active, conversational poems that lend themselves easily to performance. Notice which poems your students ask to hear again and again.
Keep performances brief (15-30 minute blocks)
For more details, get your copy of The Poetry Teacher’s Book of Lists.
And if you already have the book and would like to offer additions, corrections, or other input, please do so in the COMMENTS area. Thanks!

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