Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Are you a lover of lists like I am? I’m guessing you are and I hope you find my book, The Poetry Teacher's Book of Lists, helpful in providing a rich variety of bibliographies, tips, and strategies for selecting and sharing poetry with the young people in your life. This book is intended for teachers, librarians, and parents who are looking for input on selecting poetry for young people ages 0-18. It contains 155 different lists and cites nearly 1500 poetry books—in a variety of categories:

1. Poetry Awards and “Best” Lists
2. Seasonal and Holiday Poetry Booklists
3. Multicultural and International Poetry Booklists
4. Thematic or Topical Poetry Booklists
5. Poetry Booklists Across the Curriculum
6. Booklists Highlighting the Form of Poetry
7. Creating a Poetry-Friendly Environment
8. Sharing and Responding to Poetry Out Loud
9. Teaching Poetry Writing
10. General Poetry Teaching Resources

You’ll find recommended lists of poetry books tied to calendar events throughout the year, poetry that targets the needs of students acquiring English as a new language, poetry to help children through worries, adjustments or difficult times, 20 lists of poetry to support the study of science, social studies, and language arts, lists organized by different poetic forms, question prompts to guide meaningful discussions, preparation and presentation pointers, display ideas, poetry quotes, lesson plan tips, poet birthdays, and a poetry scavenger hunt and treasure hunt for kids—all tools to help jumpstart a poetry program and keep it energized and fresh all year long. Check it out!

In this blog, you'll find one posting for each of the 155 lists featured in the book. Each posting gives a "taste" of the list to whet your appetite. They appear in the same order as they appear in the book. Just click on the "April" links in the sidebar to see individual postings or use the "Search" function to hunt for topics. Plus, you have the opportunity to suggest additional poetry books for any of the lists in the "Comments" area for each posting. Input welcome! -->

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  1. Dear Sylvia:

    People often assume that, because we've collaborated on the PoetryTagTime projects together, I know everything about what you're up to . . . Well, this blog is such a surprise. WHAT an amazing blog! How did this just "pop up" overnight?! I've always loved your other Poetry for Children blog but I think this blog might become an even bigger hit with teachers and librarians.

    Your fan,