Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poetry Books about Patriotism

Poets have written about pride in homeland, about the search for a national identity, the value of one’s cultural heritage, and finding a place in an adopted country, among other patriotic topics, for many generations. How has this been expressed in poetry for young people? Here are a few outstanding examples.

The list begins:

            Burg, Ann. 2009. All the Broken Pieces. New York: Scholastic.

Clinton, Catherine. 1998. I, Too, Sing America: Three Centuries of African American Poetry. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

Cohn, Amy L. Ed. 1993. From Sea to Shining Sea: A Treasury of American Folklore and Folk Songs. New York: Scholastic.

Greenberg, Jan. 2001. Ed. Heart to Heart: New Poems Inspired by Twentieth-Century American Art. New York: Abrams.

Gunning, Monica. 2004. My America, My New Home. San Francisco, CA: Children's Book Press.

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