Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Native American Poetry For Young People

Voices from Native American or Indian tribes and traditions offer poetry in many forms. Here is a selection of these poetry books for young people.

            The list begins:

            Begay, Shonto. 1995. Navajo; Visions and Voices Across the Mesa. New York: Scholastic.

            Bierhorst, John. Ed. 1998. In the Trail of The Wind. New York: Farrar, Straus, & Giroux.

Bruchac, Joseph. 1995. The Earth Under Sky Bear's Feet: Native American Poems of the Land. New York: Philomel.

Carvell, Marlene. 2005. Sweetgrass Basket. New York: Dutton.

Castillo, Ana. 2000. My Daughter, My Son, the Eagle, the Dove: An Aztec Chant. New York: Dutton.

For more details, get your copy of The Poetry Teacher’s Book of Lists.
And if you already have the book and would like to offer additions, corrections, or other input, please do so in the COMMENTS area. Thanks!

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