Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poetry Books about Weather

Poetry about the seasons offers many observations about nature, but some poets focus specifically on the weather in writing for young people. Snow, ice, rain, clouds, storms are all elements that fascinate both children and poets. Check out these examples.

            The list begins:

            Engle, Margarita. 2011. Hurricane Dancers; The First Caribbean Pirate Shipwreck. New York: Henry Holt.

            Florian, Douglas. 2003. Autumblings. New York: Greenwillow.

Gray, Rita. Ed. 2010. One Big Rain; Poems for Rainy Days. Watertown, MA: Charlesbridge.

High, Linda Oatman. 2004. City of Snow: The Great Blizzard of 1888. New York: Walker.

Hopkins, Lee Bennett. Ed. 1994. Weather: Poems for All Seasons. New York: HarperTrophy.

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